Weekly Product Review: Baby Oil...for shaving

Yes, this may sound weird, but I read about it in a magazine and feel obligated to pass it on.  I can't remember what magazine it was that told me about this useful little tip, but it is well worth knowing and using.

In a nutshell, you just replace your shaving cream or gel or barsoap with baby oil.  You use it just as you would shave gel, but it eliminates the need for shower gel and even lotion after you shower.  The texture and sensation takes a little getting used to, especially if, like myself, you were used to using shave gel that foamed and created a visual barrier between your razor and your skin.  However, the advantages to this outweighed the initial "weirdness".  This technique is especially beneficial in the winter when my skin is dehydrated and flaky.  I usually still use lotion out of habit after getting out of the shower, but on the days that I have skipped it, my legs still feel nourished and hydrated.  And as an added bonus, it leaves just a little bit of an effortless sheen to your legs, which is great in the summer time with shorts and skirts.

I personally use Burt's Bees Apricot Oil, simply because I am trying to use up the little bit we have left over from when Karson was a baby.  But any Johnson's or generic baby oil would work.

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