Me? An award? Woohoo!!

So I have always seen awards on other blogs and thought they were neat, but never thought I would be "cool" enough to get one!  Well, in comes my dear friend Nicole at Life by Nicole.

Thank and link back to the person who awarded me this award.
There are so many wonderful things that I could say about Nicole, but since this is about blogging, I will stick to that!  She is the reason that I started a blog in the first place!  I started reading hers and loved it when she would have a new post, so I talked to her about it one day and realized that it is a lot of fun and not nearly as difficult as I thought.

Share 7 things about myself!  This was part of the reason for the delay--I couldn't think of 7 things!! How pitiful is that??!?!?!

1.  I am a full-time mommy to three wonderful babes.  They are so full of life and I treasure them!

2.  I am very reserved...until you get to know me.

3.  I do not own a bicycle but I want one.

4.  My dad died after a hard-fought battle with cancer, when I was 6.  So I grew up in a house full of girls-two younger sisters and my mom.  You can imagine how different life is now that I have a husband and two sons.  But I can honestly say that I love, love, love the differences in boys, even though my Gracie and I are outnumbered.

My mom and my two younger sisters this past Christmas

5.  I am addicted to Bravo TV. (also thanks to Nicole)

6.  I LOVE sports and often tease my hubby that I am the man in the relationship in that regard!  You can count on me to be in front of the TV on Sundays during college football season and pretty much anytime during college basketball.  I get really excited about it!

7.  Ironically I am also the least competitive person I know.  I love to see my team win, but I don't get bent out of shape when it comes to competitions.

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