Weekly Product Review: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

This is a new product from one of my favorite makeup companies: MAC.  I have always loved MAC for their eyeshadows, which have amazing staying power and an unending color selection.  However, I have never been wowed by their foundations and concealers.  I have tried them and they were alright, but not something that I repurchased. However, I have been on a hunt for the perfect concealer for my undereye darkness.  My circles have nothing to do with how much sleep I get or don't get as they are there regardless.  I guess I am just genetically lucky...

I have tried numerous concealers, from high end to drugstore, that have promised the world but I have yet to find one that actually delivers.  I received an email that MAC was coming out with a new line of foundations, concealers and lipsticks called Pro Longwear.  I was intrigued by it and began doing some research about the products, mainly the concealers.  I read many great reviews about it from lucky ladies who were able to get the products before they were released.  As soon as I could, I made it to the MAC store to try it.  I was matched to shade NW20 (the same as what I usually wear in MAC) and was very happy with what I saw when I looked in the mirror.  I decided to purchase it, but my hopes weren't set very high as many times, I get home and it looks totally different.  I have now been using this for about a week and I am pretty happy with it.  Of all the concealers that I have tried, I think this covers the best.  I also appreciate that it doesn't oxidize, crease, or get cakey over the course of the day.  These features alone make it better than the others I have tried.  It also comes with a built-in pump, which I like, once I learned that I don't need to push it all the way down to get the amount of product that I need.

One thing that I don't love about this new product is that it comes in a glass bottle.  With an 18-month old on the loose around my house, nothing is safe and for some reason my makeup is one of his favorite places to play.   

It will take quite awhile to use up this whole container, and it's a good thing because it cost $17.50 for .3 oz. but if it keeps me looking fresh, I will be repurchasing when I run out.


First Product Review--Kirkland Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

This is going to be the first post in a weekly segment that I am going to start doing.  Each week I will review a new "product".  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am kind of a product junkie.  I will be first in line to try something that guarantees anything.  This isn't just beauty products, but also kitchen products, cleaning, etc.  So I figured I might as well put it to good use and let other people know about the things that I have tried. 

Without further ado, I picked up this shampoo and conditioner after a rave review from a member on a fashion board that I belong to (fashionism.org).  It is supposed to be a dupe for Pureology Nanoworks, which is a bit over my budget, so I have never tried to compare.  When I first picked it up at Costco, I was a bit skeptical as my hair is very fine, so I was concerned that the moisturizing ingredients may weigh it down.  I figured if it didn't work for me, I would just use it on Grace's hair as it is not nearly as picky.  I couldn't wait to get home a try it and I have to say that it is as amazing as the reviews!  I instantly felt a difference in my hair, just in combing through it after my shower.  I usually have to use some sort of detangling spray because I have naturally wavy/tangly hair.  Well this time, the comb glided right through my locks and I knew instantly that this was something great.  I didn't use any styling products because I wanted to see what it was like on my bare locks.  It was so soft and frizz-free and actually laid quite nicely.  I didn't even have to use my flat iron!  It is also sulfate-free which is a bonus for my already damaged/color-treated hair.  The best part though, is that the shampoo and conditioner LITERS!! cost me $16 total.  So not only is this stuff amazing for your hair, but it doesn't hurt your pocketbook either!  

I will be repurchasing another set of the shampoo and conditioner just in case Costco decides to discontinue it (as has occurred many times with many things I grew to love).  You do have to have a Costco membership, and honestly after using this stuff, it might just be reason enough to keep our membership, though I think the organic eggs and hormone-free milk that we buy there is reason enough. 

In short, these new products are amazing and if you are like me and like to try new things that promise great results, you must run out and buy this immediately!


Falling for Fall

Today, well tonight at 10:06 PM actually, is the first day of my favorite season!  

I anticipate fall all year long and it never lasts long enough when it finally arrives.  So I start my own "fall" a little earlier every year.  I love everything about the season: pumpkins, candles, leaves, the colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving, baking, I could go on forever...

Fall baking- already in full-swing this year at our house

My first apple pie of the season!

Fall Candles

Picking out pumpkins, which we did last night:

And last but never least, the weather!  Fall weather is perfect for chunky sweaters and new boots!