My love affair with coffee

I enjoy the occasional White Mocha at Starbucks simply for the warm sweet taste that makes starting the day with 21 fourth graders more bearable. However, I never got much out of the caffeine kick, or should I say, I never depended on it to keep me going. Well that all changed when I welcomed my third baby into the world. Everyone knows that having a newborn means that the nights are no longer one solid block of sleep and how much sleep you get depends on the baby. What I did not expect with baby #3 is the fact that I can no longer nap during the day while he is sleeping. My days are filled with playing dress up with a very active four-year-old who stopped taking naps years ago. This means that once Karson decides that we are up for the day, mommy is awake until Karson decides it is time to go to bed at night. Because of this, I have developed a love affair with Dunkin Donuts coffee. I now find that instead of going to the bathroom and getting a drink of water when I wake up, I head straight for the coffee grinder. And God bless anyone that may cross my path on the way. My non-addictive personality now has a full on addiciton to Dunkin Donuts coffee.