Conversation of the Day

So as I was getting my coffee this morning, Kellen was playing Super Mario Bros. and had a question about what it looked like when I played in my "younger years".  The conversation went like this:

Kellen: Mommy, in the olden days, ahem--when you were little, did they have little toads that you carried to the end of the level and they saved them?

Me: Contrary to your beliefs, buddy, I am not as ancient as you might think.

Kellen: I know mommy, if everything goes right, you could still have another 70 years.

Me: Thanks....


Oh, Rose Gold

How do I love thee.  I have happily jumped on the Rose Gold bandwagon and I hope that this is one that sticks around.

Here are a few pieces I am considering:

This is my ultimate wishlist item for fall.  I am in love with it, but I don't know if I can justify the price, given that it may not be a classic piece.

A more budget friendly option...

Do you like the rose gold trend?  Do you think it is classic or trendy?  Worth investing in?


Where were you...

when the world stopped turning on that September day? (lyrics by Alan Jackson)

I remember vividly, I was on my way to Geometry class when I walked across the Student Union and saw a plane crashing into a tower.  I thought it was on some Sci-Fi channel and that I was seeing part of a movie.  When I got to class, I saw a note that said that class was cancelled.  I walked back to my sorority house a little more quickly than I walked to class that morning.  When I got back, I found out and I remember I just sat down on my bed and tried to absorb it all.  I immediately called my mom and then my boyfriend at the time (who now happens to be my wonderful hubby).  I was glued to CNN for the rest of the day, probably the week for that matter.

So many things changed that day.

Since then:

I got married.
I had three wonderful children.
I got my elementary education degree.
I got a teaching job (my dream job).
I cannot hear airplanes overheard without getting a little anxious.
I fear flying and avoid it if I can.
I value friendships much more.
I treasure everyday with my family.

I thank God everyday for another day and for keeping myself and my loved ones safe.

We learned a lot about our country on that day.  We pulled together to help each other, to pray, and to cry for what was lost.  But since then, we have become stronger.  A lot has happened in ten years, but I am much more thankful for everything since that day, because I realized how quickly life can be taken away.


Happy Birthday My Wonderful Kellen

Mommy loves you with all her heart.  Thank you for blessing my life for the past nine years.


A few fall favorites

Here we go again, it's almost fall and I have been ready since the beginning of August.

A couple of reasons why I am looking forward to my favorite season:

Homemade Pumpkin Bread
This is the recipe I use

Pumpkin Spice Lattes

New Boots!!  Yay!  They are finally mine :)

Weather cool enough to do some crafty projects....more to come on that ;)

Trips to the pumpkin patch, playing in the leaves, I could go on all day.....stay tuned!