Where were you...

when the world stopped turning on that September day? (lyrics by Alan Jackson)

I remember vividly, I was on my way to Geometry class when I walked across the Student Union and saw a plane crashing into a tower.  I thought it was on some Sci-Fi channel and that I was seeing part of a movie.  When I got to class, I saw a note that said that class was cancelled.  I walked back to my sorority house a little more quickly than I walked to class that morning.  When I got back, I found out and I remember I just sat down on my bed and tried to absorb it all.  I immediately called my mom and then my boyfriend at the time (who now happens to be my wonderful hubby).  I was glued to CNN for the rest of the day, probably the week for that matter.

So many things changed that day.

Since then:

I got married.
I had three wonderful children.
I got my elementary education degree.
I got a teaching job (my dream job).
I cannot hear airplanes overheard without getting a little anxious.
I fear flying and avoid it if I can.
I value friendships much more.
I treasure everyday with my family.

I thank God everyday for another day and for keeping myself and my loved ones safe.

We learned a lot about our country on that day.  We pulled together to help each other, to pray, and to cry for what was lost.  But since then, we have become stronger.  A lot has happened in ten years, but I am much more thankful for everything since that day, because I realized how quickly life can be taken away.

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