Ready for March!

So every year I look forward to my birthday coupon from Anthropologie.  They send out a 15% off that may be used one time during your birthday month on an entire purchase.  Usually I wouldn't get excited over 15% off, but Anthro NEVER does any kind of discount and because their items are so unique and many times sell out before they go on sale, it is a huge incentive to spend a lot of money!!!

So I have been planning my birthday "haul" since January.  This is what I have come up with/tried on/put on hold and will purchase hopefully Monday (the first day I can use my coupon). 

And last but not least....possibly the cutest trench I have ever seen!  I love the ruffles! 
It is so "me"!!

Now I would be really appreciative of Mother Nature if she would send some spring weather so that I can actually wear these before the school year is over...


I want these...

and I am quite willing to take lessons on learning to walk in them.  They are pure beauty!


Things I am loving right now.

So, I am kind of on a drugstore make-up kick right now and I have picked up several goodies in the past week.  I thought I would do a mini-review of a couple of the things I have bought and love!

On sale this week at Walgreens- 40% off!

I have always been a fan of Revlon foundations and this does not disappoint!  It leaves skin slightly dewy and does have a bit of sparkle (which I personally love!).  It also has sunscreen, which is always a bonus!  I will be stocking up on this when it is BOGO again!  
Ok, so I know this isn't makeup, but I really like it.  I have very fine hair, but it is also a bit unruly.  I spray this on after I shower and it makes it much easier to comb it out.  It is infused with vitamins and over time it is supposed to actually make your hair stronger-we shall see.  
On sale this week at CVS- BOGO 50% off.

And lastly, I know this isn't Drugstore, but I am so excited about it!!!!  


For some reason, I really love Lady Gaga and you bet I will be hitting my closest MAC store this weekend to pick this lipstick up!!  It better work with my skintone :)

That's it for me right now...have a fabulous weekend :)


Help me style these...

I am kind of digging these sandals for summer.  I love the color and they are definitely "out of my box".  The only thing I can picture them with is dark skinny jeans and a flowy tank.  How would you style them?