Signs of spring

As I woke up this morning (and after cup of coffee #1) I opened the shades and windows because the temperature was already close to 60 degrees at 9 am. As I opened the shades I noticed that the grass was green! When did that happen? I guess our recent heat wave has brought out a few signs of spring. When my tulips first started coming up Kellen and I both got a little anxious because it was barely March and in Missouri that means that we could still have a few snowstorms. However, we learned from Grandma Donna that tulips actually love snow and that if we had another storm or two, they would still thrive once they started blooming. Although fall is my favorite season, spring is a very close second and it is nice to be home this spring to enjoy watching tulips bloom and taking morning walks with Grace and Karson.

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  1. i just saw some flowers peeking through the ground today and got so excited! i love spring!