Less IS more

There are a few things that I believe should be in every girl's closet that make her feel like a million bucks. That goes right along with my new philosophy that less is more. My closet is overflowing with clothes, half of which have not been worn for months. My new post-Karson resolution is to clean out what I do not wear and never let it get so full again. This will allow me to "shop my closet" more and prevent me from sporting sale goggles.

To keep myself from impulse buying, I have come up with a list of a few key pieces that I hope to own by the age of thirty. Because they are classic pieces and rather expensive, I will have to save for them, which means no more $100 shopping trips at F21. Instead, I will save that money that would have been thrown away and acquire a few dream pieces.

Five Key Pieces:

1. A pair of classic black pumps (red sole optional)
CL Black Simple 85's

2. Classic trench
Burberry trench

3. A black classic bag
Chanel Jumbo Black Double Flap with silver hardware

4. Little black dress (still haven't found the perfect one)

5. Diamond Studs

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