Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl

For the second year in a row, Matt took Gracie to the Father-Daughter Dance at our church. This is the one occasion where it didn't matter to Grace how long it took me to do her hair; she wanted to look beautiful. I am not sure who she wanted to impress more: Matt or her friends. We spent thirty minutes curling her hair and making sure we had every part of her outfit, from her frilly pink dress to her pink sparkly shoes, just perfect. As soon as we got outside to take pictures, she had to compare outfits with her two little friends who were also going to the dance with their daddies.
I am not sure who was more fun to watch, Grace in all of her cuteness or Matt being the proud daddy. I hope that she never outgrows being Daddy's Little Princess...

Angelic curls

The most important part of the outfit...

This is a sight I will not forget; all the daddies in front, princesses in back