A great rainy day project...

I have been looking for a nice looking, yet practical way to store my necklaces for....well, forever. Right now I have them in about three different places and I never know where to look for a certain necklace. Not to mention that the places they are stored in are neither convenient nor easy to see what I have. I started looking at different ideas online and decided that Grace and I would take on a rainy day project and make our own jewelry cork boards. We went to Hobby Lobby to gather the materials and came home and got started. It was super easy and a lot of fun. I am excited about how they turned out...now I just have to wait for the husband to hang it up so I can start using it...

Frame (I used 11x14)
Glue gun
Fabric (1/2 yd. will cover 2 11x14 frames)
Exacto knife
12" square cork boards (comes in pack of 4)

Step 1: Remove the glass from frame, but keep the cardboard insert as well as the cardboard guide. Use the cardboard to cut the cork to the exact size of frame using exacto knife.

Step 3: Glue the cork down to the cardboard insert.

Step 4: Cut fabric to desired size around cardboard. It should have at least an inch of extra fabric around all sides.

Step 5: Pull the fabric tight and staple in place around all sides.

Step 6: Put finished cork back into frame. Put back of frame back on (you will have to work a bit to get the positioners back into place, but they will fit so that you can hang your frame). Put push pins into cork where you want to hang your jewelry. I put a dot of super glue on them so that they will hold my heavier necklaces and stay in place. I put my pins about 1.5 inches apart for necklaces.

Step 7: Finished product :)

**Will update with pics of the frames in closet once I bug Matt enough to hang them for me!**

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