The perfect nude pumps

I have been plagued with the daunting task of finding the perfect pair of classic nude pumps for ages. I am 5'8'' and while I love the feeling that wearing heels gives me, I don't trust myself with 4 inch stilettos. This is particularly heartbreaking when nearly all of the heels that I fall in love with have at least a 4 inch heel. Well, thanks to the wonderful ladies on Makeup Alley, I was introduced to a beautiful pair of nude shoes with under a 3 inch heel! I got them today and dare I say, they are near perfection. The pinkish nude color is perfect on my skintone and the almond toe can be worn with jeans or dressed up and look equally fabulous! They look much more expensive than their $20 pricetag! Stay tuned tomorrow for my outfit where they will make their debut.
Apt. 9 "Modest" Pumps


  1. those are great! still waiting to see the outfit...

  2. hi! glad i finally found your blog!!
    i have a brown pair apt 9 heels and i love them! so comfortable and cute. love these!

  3. Hello! New reader! Love your blog! Although I must say... MAN UP! I'm 5'10 and was on a similar mission for the perfect nude pump... I went with these: http://knowwhoyouareanddoitonpurpose.blogspot.com/2009/04/platswoon-indeed.html

    4" heel? Making me... gasp... 6'2? Geeze, I'm gigantic!!! ;)

  4. Love the shoes, where did you get them?