Weekly Product Review: Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge

I know I just did another Sonia Kashuk review last week, but I can't not tell you guys about this cool little sponge thingy.  It is called the blending sponge and is made by Sonia Kashuk, which to my knowledge can only be purchased at Target.  Let me just tell you that you. need. this!

It is a knockoff of a more expensive sponge called the Beauty Blender.  I have not tried the actual Beauty Blender but I see no need to as this works perfectly for me. 

Now many of you are probably asking, 'What is wrong with using my finger or my makeup sponge that comes in a pack of 8 for like $1'?  Well, nothing is wrong with that as that is what I have done as well.  I have 2-3 foundation brushes that I bought because of the hype and yeah, they are fine, but I always just go back to using my fingers to apply foundation.  Well, friends, I think that time of my life is done.  This magnificent little beauty tool is my new best friend. 

So, this is what you do: You put the little "thingy" under running water and then squeeze it out a bit so it is damp.  Then you put a pump of foundation (I use NARS Sheer Glow) on your sponge and dab it around your face.  There is no rubbing, no tugging, no fierce blending that makes your face look like you just spent hours on the beach.  You just lightly dab around your face and this beautiful little tool does the blending work for you.  You are left with a soft, natural look instead of a caked on "my face doesn't match my neck" look.   You may be wondering, like I was, why it has such an odd shape.  Well, let me just tell you...the small end is for concealer!  I LOVE a 2-in-1 beauty tool!  So once your foundation is on and perfect, you turn it around and repeat the steps to put your concealer on.  And again, you are left with a soft natural finish!

This is one of my favorite new things in my makeup regime and I am sad to admit that I have looked at this thing at least a hundred times at Target and passed right on by thinking to myself "I feel sorry for the sucker that spends $10 on a sponge thingy when they can go two aisles down and buy a pack of 8 for $1".  Don't I feel like a fool.  So anyway, I have eaten my words and I am loving this!  


  1. Perfect timing for this post! My foundation brush recently broke, and I don't love it enough to purchase another one. I don't like using my fingers to apply though, so I have been like uhhhhh what do I use? This is just the answer I needed!

  2. Keli told me about your product reviews... so of course I had to stop by and check them out. This sponge sounds wonderful - wish I had known about it yesterday when I was at Target! Next time...

    The girl that uses the pack of 8 for $1