Weekly Product Review: Sonia Kashuk Remove Eye-makeup Remover

I think I have literally tried every makeup remover out there.  I used to be faithful to Pond's Bare and Repair--it was gentle and had "good-for-your-skin" ingredients...I loved it.  And then they discontinued it.  Since then I have been on a search to find something as good as it was and I have tried high end (Lancome), mid-end (MAC) and drugstore (Neutrogena) and while some were good, none of them were good enough to repurchase. 

But then I found Sonia Kashuk's Remove!  I really, really like this stuff!  It comes in a 4 oz. container and it is one that you have to shake to mix the oil and water.  It feels like nothing going on and it doesn't sting!  Let me repeat, IT DOESN'T STING!!!   That right there is enough to make me repurchase if it takes off any makeup at all.  I wear contacts, so I have to have something gentle and this is definitely gentle...but somehow they figured out how to take makeup off at the same time!  It takes all of my eye makeup off very easily  Retails for $10. 

So friends, this might be a repurchase in my future!  For now this is what I am loving and the pretty purple color is a little bonus!  Plus, it's easy to get as I am at Target 2-3 times a week...shhh. 

I hope this helps you if you are looking for a good makeup remover!

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