I blame him!

So here is a little story about how I became a handbag ho...and by that, I mean that I like bags...okay, I have an addiction to bags. Ok, so there is a small detail that I left out...I like high end handbags. I was always just fine with getting my purses at Target or TJMaxx and Liz Claiborne was a big deal to me. However, that all changed when I was dating my darling husband. You see, for our first Christmas together, he gave me a Coach purse. This was the gateway drug. From there, I started looking at other bags in that price range and just happened to fall in love with a few...Rebecca Minkoff, Hayden Harnett, Louis Vuitton (okay, not the same price range at all) and the mother of all...CHANEL! He doesn't see the correlation, but to me, it is all Darling Pookie's fault! So with that, I will show you what I am coveting at this second...

RM Morning After Mini Mini in Paper White

It is the grandchild of Rebecca Minkoff's Morning After bag. I own a Morning After Mini in Cognac and it is one of my most carried bags, so having one that is a bit smaller would be perfect! And I have always wanted a chic white bag for summer. I think that this size would be perfect to throw my wallet, lip gloss, phone and sunglasses in and be out the door. It runs $295 which seems like a deal to me seeing that her Morning After Mini is $600. So see...I am being a frugal fashionista by getting the little one, right? I almost hit submit...until I saw this beauty, which is also a fabulous color for summer...
Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini Mini in Pool

Same bag, different color. Now I don't know which one I need. What are your thoughts?


  1. Oh nooo, a MINI mini?? I just got hooked on the MAB Mini! I like the white too... very summery and will match with almost everything! :)