Best Invention Ever.....

I am a cami girl. I have to have a cami under everything so as not to reveal too much, or to smooth those unsightly "lines" from having babies, or to make tops longer that don't quite cover my freakishly long torso. I fell in love with the seamless microfiber camis from The Limited and wore those for quite sometime. That is, until I went on a birthday shopping spree at Anthropologie. I had a 15% off coupon, so I was determined to get as much as possible since I knew this opportunity would not happen again until my birthday next year. On my way to the fitting room, I saw these wonderful little creations and had to see what they were all about. Well, what an ingenius invention! It is a seamless reversible cami that has a scoop neck on one side and a v-neck on the other side, eliminating the need for more than one cami of the same color. This pretty much takes of any combination of tops out there. I only bought one (in cream) but I will slowly be increasing my collection and I am kicking myself today for not getting a couple more while I had my coupon. They are $24, which to me isn't crazy expensive for a good cami, but when you factor in that it is two camis in one, it becomes a bargain!

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