A much needed Closet Renovation

I had so many goals for my maternity leave. I am bad about that...I set goals that are not realistic given the fact that I have a newborn who will be up many times overnight and two other children, thus not allowing for naps. Somehow, I still tell myself that I will be able to paint the hearth room, organize the laundry room and have the house spotless and dinner on the table when darling Pookie gets home. I found out very quickly that this was not so. However, I was determined to do something, anything that would make life easier when I went back to work. What better place to start than my closet. That is the only thing that gets me out of bed most days...determining what I will wear and then trying on at least ten other outfits, but finally going back to the original.

I started by going through and getting rid of clothes that I no longer felt a connection to. This energized me as it already made my closet look bigger and brighter. Then, my little helper who is also a little fashionista got in on the project by finding my Shop Your Closet book and insisting that my closet look exactly like the one on the front cover. It took us a few days and many breaks but the end result is fabulous and I love walking into it each day. Now, on to my summer projects...
My jeans and pants

My shoe wall with purses on top.

My awesome jewelry boards that Little Fashionista and I made together.
(Another maternity leave project)

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  1. looks *marvelous* ~ way to go, you & little G!!!