Spring Home Wishlist

Hello Friends!  Well, after quite a hiatus due to the holidays and then snow day after snow day, I think I am back!  It has been a busy (and cold) winter and I am ready for spring!!!

Shockingly I do not have one single thing on my spring wishlist that is wardrobe related, but I have several things I am eyeing to make my house cheerful and welcoming.

A couple of things that I am looking at:

Pottery Barn Gabriella pitcher

Gabriella Straight-Sided Pitcher

I am a big fan of the Gabriella pieces at Pottery Barn and these cute little pieces are no exception!  I love that they can be used as a pitcher or a vase and Pottery Barn even shows it on a decorative hook on the wall, which looks super cute!  One of these will be mine!

Pottery Barn Park Hill Windowpane Lanterns
Park Hill Windowpane Lantern, Medium
I am also loving lanterns lately.  I have a couple darker ones that I fill with different things for winter, but I love the lighter colors in these and I can just picture them filled with little clay starfish or speckled eggs for Easter!

Script Pillows from Etsy
Pillow Slips 18 Inch Pair of Paris Document

I have fallen in love with this style of anything!  I have seen it on lamps, pillows, wall art...I love it all.  I think it has such a romantic and cozy feel to it.

Anthropologie Latte Bowls

I bought these bowls in Seafoam last summer and they have kept my kitchen cheery all winter!  I love all of the color choices and the cute shape of these bowls just makes me smile!  They are also a perfect size for about anything...not too big, not too shallow.  Just.....kind of perfect :)

How do you update your space for spring?


  1. Love, love, love the bowls! I'm a bowl addict.

    I don't do much for spring. I guess opening the shades/blinds/curtains and letting the sun in is my way of welcoming spring!

  2. So glad you are back!! Excellent list too. :)